Why Don’t More Companies Do Appreciation Marketing?

Why don’t more companies use Appreciation Marketing in their business?

Most worry that they just don’t have the time, or they think it is more complicated than it should be.

The companies that DON’T do Appreciation Marketing are the ones that basically are telling their customers, “I don’t care about you”.   Whether it is true or not doesn’t matter. It’s the perception the customer will take away—that their business was not appreciated and you don’t care.

So the question to you is “Why aren’t you developing an Appreciation Marketing system to incorporate into your company?” Is it because you:

  • Don’t have time
  • Are not automated
  • Can’t see the benefits
  • Haven’t strategized as a company
  • Don’t realize the value of repeat business

Whatever your reason, YOU ARE LOSING MONEY! You are spinning your wheels trying to market new business. Cultivating new business is fine, BUT you need to go back to your happy customers and make them feel good and appreciated and get repeat sales and referrals from them.

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