Welcome Spring!!

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Despite predictions of snow, tomorrow is officially the first day of Spring!  Are you ready?

Are you ready? Have you even started to think about spring cleaning? When you hear spring cleaning, do you start thinking about cleaning out your closets, garage and other parts of your home? Probably!  Have you thought about how spring cleaning can also relate to your business?  As the days grow longer and the flowers bloom – before the lazy, hazy days of summer set in – there are a number of things you can do to stay on track and “clean-up” your business.

Evaluate Your Goals 

Review first quarter results from both a financial perspective and project perspective.  Re-evaluate as necessary.  Are your numbers coming in as expected?  Budgets under control?  Are you meeting your deadlines? Campaigns bringing in the projected revenues?  Take a look at what’s working and what’s not working – make adjustments as necessary.

Clean-Up Your Customer List

Are there customers you haven’t heard from in years?  Before deleting them as part of spring cleaning, create a customer re-activation campaign.  Send a letter, include a special offer, in effort to get them back into your business.

Clean-up Your Inbox 

In the old days it was papers everywhere, inboxes overflowing with no idea of what was at the bottom of that pile! While most of us are free of paper these days, our email mailboxes are overflowing leaving tons of emails buried.  Scroll through your emails, being sure to look at each ONLY ONCE.  Make a decision as to what to do with it – File, Discard. Respond, or Delegate! Just do something  – don’t leave them back in the pile without taking action.

Pull Your Expenses Together

Are receipts piling up everywhere?  Do you forget to track your mileage for client meetings?  Is pulling together all this information and doing your taxes a major headache this year? Create a system now for 2015 while you still have time before year-end. Some small business owners are taking advantage of the many affordable cloud-based and mobile apps out there, while others are still resorting to the large envelope and ledger routine.  Makes no difference – just choose something that works for YOU.

Take Care of Your Computer

Do you have a back-up system in place?  Backing up your data is essential!  Any software that needs to be updated? Security updates that you keep pushing off? Ideally your software settings should be programmed to check for updates automatically, but it’s a good idea to manually run an update check – how about at the end of each quarter?

Say Goodbye to Germs

When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard or wiped down your phone headset?  Germs are lurking everywhere….

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