Think Outside the Box

thinking outside the box imageMother’s Day is just around the corner. Memorial Day is next.  Everywhere you turn you’ll see ads and special sales or promotions for these holidays.  Father’s Day isn’t far off. I’m sure we’ll be seeing ads and promotions for that next. It makes sense. “Holiday” marketing is one of the key strategies small businesses use to attract new customers and keep their current ones coming back for more. But, why be like everyone else and limit your holiday marketing to these holidays? Why not create a buzz by designing campaigns around obscure and often unknown holidays and observances? That way, you’ll be sure to make an impression and have both clients and prospects thinking and talking about you! Here are just a few ideas for Unique ‘Holiday Marketing’ over the next few months.

June is Candy Month

Most everyone has a sweet tooth. Send a sweet treat with a creative note. For an added touch, imprint your company’s name, logo and contact information on the wrapper. Be sure to avoid chocolate in case we have a heat wave this June!

Everyone loves doughnuts! Celebrate National Doughnut Day on June 6th. Come in for FREE doughnuts! Or, offer a FREE box of doughnuts with each purchase of $100. or more.

Skip July 4th – Instead celebrate National Ice Cream Month this July

Give away free cones between 1:00 and 3:00 every Saturday throughout the month and you’re sure to have a line out the door!

Celebrate National Friendship week the 3rd week of August

Offer a discount on your products or services – an ideal way to build and solidify customer relationships.

What Could Possibly Substitute for Labor Day?

Celebrate ‘Love Note’ Day on September 26th. Sending ‘love notes’ or appreciation cards or goodies to your customers at this time of year will be sure to have you stand out from the crowd!  Relationship marketing at it’s best!

Make “holiday marketing” a part of your marketing strategy year-round

Keep customers engaged and continually thinking of you as they wonder what you’ll dream up next. Most important, have fun with it and I’m sure your customers will too!

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