The Power of Handwriting

handwritingDear John,

You hear me talk about it all the time – the importance of expressing gratitude and appreciation to your customers. Have I also mentioned the power and impact your handwriting holds?

Let’s face it. We’re living in a digital world. E-mail has become the preferred method of communication with text messaging not far behind. Where does that leave good, old-fashioned handwriting? The way of the dinosaur!


When Was the Last Time You Received a Handwritten Note?

Sending a handwritten note in this day and age has become so unique it will certainly have you stand out from your competitors and send the message that you care. While a ‘thank-you for your business’ might be the first note to come to mind, and might even top the list, there are also other times to communicate using handwriting.

Consider Sending a Birthday Card

Consider sending a birthday card. a Valentine’s or holiday card.  Or, be unique and have fun with it by choosing an unusual holiday to celebrate.   How many people receive cards on National Donut Day? Whichever you choose, taking the time to make it personal with a handwritten note will certainly be remembered.




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