Plant Seeds and Watch Your Business Grow

virtual networking imageBelieve it or not, after this crazy winter,  Spring is in the air. As I sit writing this, although temperatures are still below normal for this time of year,  I hear the sounds of the gardeners and lawnmowers outside my window.  While the trees aren’t yet blooming, the stores are full of seeds and those into gardening are getting ready for planting season.  While it’s common at home, have you given thought to how you can use “seeds” to grow your business?

Start By Telling Everyone What You Do

You can start by telling everyone what you do, whether it be your friends, neighbors, dentist, hairdresser, babysitter or accountant.  You just never know who they might know that might want or need your products or services.  Even  give those people your business cards so they can hand them out to  others who might be interested in your services.  Want to take it a step further? Implement a referral campaign so that those who refer you business receive a special gift.

What Else Can You Do?

In this age of social media, you can plant seeds with thousands of people you don’t know personally. How? Start conversations on the internet whether it be with blog posts, tweets, Youtube videos, Facebook updates, Pinterest  postings, Instagram pics or joining conversations on LInkedIn. People will begin following you and talking about you –  leads will come your way.  Yes, from people you’ve never met. The key is to keep at it on a consistent basis –  just like  you need to consistently water those seeds so you end up with a bountiful garden, you need to consistently “feed” those posts and  tweets and keep those communications going to generate leads.

“Planting Seeds” Is an Investment in Your Time But NOT Your Budget

“Planting Seeds” virtually or everywhere you go is a great way to increase your  business by word-of-mouth and let people get to know you. And, while it’s an investment in your time, it’s not eating up your marketing or advertising budget. Why not get started today?

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