Looking for a May Marketing Idea? Get Ready to Start Baking!

chocolate chip cookiesDid you know May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Day? I didn’t – that is until I started looking for unique holidays to suggest celebrating this Spring.  As soon as I saw this “holiday” I stopped searching – after all, who doesn’t respond positively to freshly baked chocolate chip cookies?
Here are a few things you can do to show your customers you appreciate them next month and set yourself apart from your competition.  Think about it now … May 15th is just around the corner.  Love the idea but don’t have time to implement it?  Call us – we’re happy to execute it for you.

Send a Gift of Chocolate Chip Cookies

Whether it be 5 or 25, send a gift of chocolate chip cookies  to your key customers wishing them a “Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.”

Do You Have a Favorite Recipe?

Perhaps you have a favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip muffins or pancakes. Send your key customers a bag of chocolate chips with the recipe – suggest they “whip up something sweet” in honor of the day.

Looking for Feedback or Testimonials?

Looking for feedback or testimonials?  Having trouble getting responses?  Send the cookies with a survey or questionnaire  – watch your response rate increase!

Looking to Generate Leads?

Looking to generate leads?  Sponsor a contest – it can even be done online.  Ask visitors to submit their favorite recipes with chocolate chips; be sure to request they provide their contact information to enter the contest.  You can offer one prize or a few; one company I know even sent everyone who entered a savings coupon.  Take it a step further.  Print the winning recipes in your company newsletter.  Be sure to send these folks a copy as they’ll be likely to share your newsletter with friends and colleagues – a good way for you to generate referral business!

Did You Know?

Fun Fact!  Did you know the creation of the chocolate chip cookie was an accident? The original chocolate chip cookie was invented by Ruth Graves Wakefield in the 1930’s at her Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts. Ruth wanted to bake chocolate cookies for her guests but ran out of baker’s chocolate. Instead, she cut a bar of chocolate into tiny pieces and added them to the dough only to discover the bits did not melt into the dough as the baker’s chocolate does – they kept their form. To her surprise, these cookies were a huge hit!
Nestle got involved because Ruth approached them directly. She’d used a bar of Nestle chocolate so she went to Nestle with her recipe for “Chocolate Crunch Cookies.”  Nestle liked the idea, and got permission from Ruth to put her recipe on the back of their chocolate bars. In return, she got all the chocolate she wanted to continue baking those cookies. Nestle wanted to make it easy for people to make the cookies so they packaged their chocolate bars with a small chopper.  Talk about creative marketing!





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